:: PTFE Piston Ring ::

Being the leading manufacturers in the industry, we bring PTFE Piston Ring in Pure PTFE and in other filled grades - Carbon, Graphite, Glass, Bronze filled and Pure Peek. Filled Grade PTFE are mostly used in compressors.

    Main benefits are:
  • Ability to operate without lubrication or in less lubricated conditions
  • Resistance to chemical attack
  • Reduced wear rates
  • Compatibility with unround surface

Rider /Wearing / Guide Rings are also manufactured in different grades and also as per customer specification

PTFE O Ring:
PTFE O rings are used for maximum sealing capability and is resistant to all chemicals including acids, oils & many other chemicals. It helps to reduce wear rates.
PTFE O Rings can also be manufactured as per BS / AS depending upon end user requirement

PTFE Backup Ring:
PTFE Backup rings are manufactured to support & prevent the problems of extrusion of the O Rings when it is subject to high pressures in both dynamic and static applications. Basically these rings are of 3 varieties
  • Spiral Back-up Rings are most commonly consumed rings and is self adjusting to diametric tolerances . It is basically available in single or
    double turn
  • Solid Back-up Rings
  • Split Back-up Rings are manufactured same as solid back-up rings but is split at 30 Degree to facilitate ease in certain applications

    All varieties are processed to suit PTFE O Rings standards. Its can be supplied in Virgin PTFE, Glass Filled PTFE, Pigmented PTFE or as per end-user requirements

    PTFE V Ring: V rings are machined as per customer specifications/drawings. It can be used on all pressure ranges by varying the number of V-rings in the set It is also known as Chevron Packing / V-Packing which has Cryogenic applications, Chemical application. V-Packing are majorly consumed by Valve engineering

    PTFE U Ring: U rings are processed for high functional reliability & resistance to ageing. It's reliability consist of high pressures & vacuum used for rotary & static applications. These U Rings are available with springs for seal rotating and translational movements It is also known as PTFE U-packings which has many engineering application in mechanical engineering, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals & valve engineering

    PTFE Piston Ring: Piston rings possess the quality to operate without lubrication or in less lubricated conditions. The function of a piston ring is to guide the piston and piston rod of a cylinder, absorbing transverse forces. It is a resistance to chemical attacks.
  • Rider Rings,
  • Wearing Rings
  • Guide Rings are also manufactured in different grades and also as per customer specification.